Your perfect permanent PA

If you need a full-time personal assistant to transform your life or work, talk to us. Our expert recruitment team will assess your needs, then search our network of specialist PAs to find the right one for you.

Finding the one


When you’re searching for a permanent PA, you’re looking for a relationship with that special ‘click’, and that can be tricky to find. Thankfully at Double You we have a wealth of experience, not only as PAs, but also in PA recruitment.


We’ll quickly get to grips with your specific needs, and then explore our huge network of brilliant PAs, to find your perfect PA with matching specialist skills and attributes.


And because we’re the PA specialists, our unique industry insight enables us to offer a much more hands-on and specialised service, and at a lower cost than a traditional recruitment agent.





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Let’s talk


If you’re considering recruiting a permanent PA and you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch:




Confidentiality agreements are available on request


All information held by us is completely confidential, and we will never give out any of the information we collect from you to any other party unless compelled to by law.