How can we help?

Everyone has different needs. We'll assess yours, then combine our different services to develop a solution that's right for you. For example, you might need a VA for 10 hours of admin each week, plus a PA on site for a day every month. Then you might need someone to book an urgent trip, or organise your shopping during busy times. As things change, you might even decide that you need a full-time PA, in which case we can recruit one for you. At Double You it all fits together to make life easy for you.

Virtual PA / Freelance PA 

Flexible, convenient and cost-effective, our freelance service gives you a PA when you need one, but not when you don’t. We’ll work whenever and wherever you want; simply book us for however long you need.



PA Recruitment

If you need a full-time personal assistant to help run your life or work, we’ll find the right one for you. Our recruitment team has the expertise to understand your unique needs, and we’ll search our huge network of specialist PA’s to find that special ‘click’.



Other Services


We’re experts at making great things happen: here are just some of the other things we regularly do for our clients.